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DSC02739_4The Gateway to 2013


Old year’s night, or new year’s eve is the time when most of us are turning our attention to making new year’s resolutions. This is the time when we can take from the past, and project into the future that which we want to become, whether it be the giving up of a habit or the commitment to starting something new. We proclaim our resolve to sort out past issues, whilst we show our resolve to engage the will in action; to acquire new ways of being.

In the Christian tradition ‘Watchnight’ services are held on new year’s eve, where the previous year is reviewed, resolutions are made, & prayers are offered for the strength to assist in the accomplishment of those resolutions.

What habits, behaviours do you wish to resolve? What goals do you wish to achieve? What action do you need to take to bring this about? What personal deity, deities, guardians or allies can you call upon to assist you in your quest?