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The 1st month of the year is associated with gods/goddesses of gateways, doorways, & thresholds. It may be noted that a gate/door is only functional when hung upon sound hinges.

Ovid noted that the first day of the month is dedicated to Carna. He then identifies her as the goddess of the hinge, who is elsewhere known as Cardea, a name Ovid does not use: “By means of her divine presence (numen) she opens things that have been closed, and closes things that have been opened.”

As the bright lights of Christmas fade, we face the bleakness of January, with it’s bare branches, cold & often grey days. If we are observant we will notice that the nights are beginning to draw out; almost imperceptibly the days are growing longer. This brings us the assurance that the Sun is waxing in its cycle & although the coldest part of winter lies before us, the dark of midwinter lies behind. Spring beckons.

This month we contemplate bareness. The land is at rest, the energies reside beneath; however we are preparing the soil for the eventual planting that is to come.  

Our meditation subject is ‘resources’. What better use can we make of them? Surviving January on the little we have requires that we prioritise, wisely allocating both our resources and physical/psychic energies. We turn inward to reflect upon what seeds we will choose to plant in the spring.