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The 2nd month of the year is associated with cleansing, purification and fertility. The Gods, Goddess & Saints of February include, Brigid, Juno Februtis, Faunus, Pan, & St Valentine.
February in the northern hemisphere brings reassurance, the Sun is strengthening and as the nights draw out, that the light is returning. Although winter may have a sting in her tail, we sense the promise of spring.

Most of the February festivals are linked with this clearing, cleansing/purification, and making ready/fertile theme.
Among them are:
Imbolc, Candlemass, the Purification of Mary, the Presentation of Christ, Shrove Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Chinese New Year, Lupercalia, & St Valentines day.

This month we contemplate selecting the seed. Which will we choose to sow? The land is waking, the energies stirring; we respond by clearing away the debris, and marking out any fallow areas and/or boundaries that need attention.
We sow our selected seeds, in the prepared/cleansed earth/soul/psyche, thus giving them the best chance to take root.

Our meditation subjects are ‘The strengthening light’. The days are now noticeably lengthening.
‘A Seed’. ‘Germination/beginning of growth’.