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The 3rd month of the year is associated with new life, fertility, manifest activity and sexual energies; the sap is rising.
In line with SRTB’s magickal model (wheel mythos), March marks the time of conception. The Gods, Goddess & Saints of March include, Mars, Setanta/Cu-Chulainn, see http://tinyurl.com/c9v2s Eostre/Ostara, Kore, Ishtar/Inanna, St. David, St Patrick, St Piran etc.

During March (in the northern hemisphere) the Vernal Equinox occurs, light & dark are balanced. The power of the strengthening Sun/Son is made manifest. Although the weather may be clement, one can not be sure it will remain so. The old saying: ‘When March comes in like lion, it goes out like a lamb’, illustrates the unpredictable and paradoxical nature of this time.

March festivals are linked with rebirth, conception and ‘the tipping of the balance’.
We see the conception/rebirth theme in Eostre (Pagan), Easter (Christian), as well as in the ‘Feast of The Annunciation’. Whereas the solar shift is seen not only in the ‘Equinoxical wobble’, but also in many local/folk celebrations and games where there is a definite winner, thus symbolising the victory of the Sun. Contests such as Tug of War, Hurling & Egg Rolling are still common today. This theme is also evident in the performance of ‘Mumming plays’.

This month we contemplate the rising sap. Vitality rules. Life no longer stirring beneath, the energies now made manifest in the land and animal kingdom. Look around you and see for yourself, maybe go for an awareness walk.

Our meditation subjects are: ‘What is rising in you at this time?’ ‘Coming into your own strength’. ‘The balance of light and dark’.