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The 4th month of the year, April, is associated with bursting forth and the opening of buds. Aprilis is likely to have derived from the verb aperire, meaning to open or to appear, as growth is now manifest on the earth.
The Gods, Goddess & Saints of April include, Venus (her Veneralia being held on April 1st), Aphrodite, Mars (Protector, Mark & Martin associations here), The Fool, St George, St Tiburtius, and St Mark (the evangelist), who seems to parallel St Martin on the wheel of the year.

The warmth of the Sun can now be felt and the longer days (we are passed Equinox), mean we can spend more time outdoors. The birds are busy building their nests and calling for mates.
April celebrations include the many ‘Cuckoo festivals’ held in the UK, signifying the return of warmer weather, and ‘Scarecrow festivals’ to instigate the guardianship of the grain (newly planted and vulnerable). Robagalia also has this protective theme, and was held stop the spirit of mildew attacking and damaging/destroying the crops. April 30th is Walpurgis Night.

This month we contemplate ‘growth’. How is growth manifesting in our life? ‘Return’. What do we need to nurture in ourselves to assist growth? Are there any opportunities opening for you?

Our meditation subjects are: Opening (blossoming). What is opening or blossoming for you at this time?