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The 5th month of the year is associated with a bursting forth of the green, blossom on trees, flowering, sexuality and union. The God & Goddess, whose ‘Greenwood Wedding’ takes place at Beltaine, with the Goddess now pregnant, the fertility of herself and the God proven. This sacred marriage is the ‘Hieros Gamos’.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hieros_gamos
This is reflected in the pairing of couples and the practice of handfasting.

The Gods, Goddesses & Saints of May include, the Greek Maia, for whom the month is named. The Green Man, ‘Jack in the Green’, Flora & Florus, Blodeuwedd, Lleu, The Hawthorne Giant, & Bel (The Bright One). St Joseph (the worker), St Julien of Norwich, St Helena, St Joan of Arc, St. Athanasius, and the May Queen & May King archetypes.

During May in the British Isles the long days see the rapid growth of plants and grass, which will be cut as early as this month for silage and next month for hay (winter feed). Bees are active and are pollinating crops & flowers, as well as making honey. The dandelion is in full bloom with the first ‘dandelion clocks appearing.
May festivals include Beltaine, Roodmas, Whitsun (Pentecost) and the Visitation of Mary. Rituals and customs with bonfires, beacons, morris dancing, chimney sweeps, the crowning of a May Queen & King, dancing around the maypole, well dressing, the furry or Helston floral dance, and Obby Oss events, taking place. Other folk customs include ‘Goosing’ (pinching of bottoms), washing in the morning dew and the lifting of a maiden by strong men.

This month we contemplate the increased activity and growth that is occurring, nature is flourishing, plants are growing tall & strong. How are you growing? Where is your strength/power being used?

Our meditation subject is: ‘Union’. What inner marriage/union is taking place in your psyche?