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The 6th month of the year is associated with zenith, heat, ripening and abundance. The Gods, Goddess & Saints of June include, Sol Invictus (The Unconquerable Sun), Pan (The Red Man), Apollo, Faunus & Fauna, Lady of the Beasts (Empress of the Tarot). St Columba of Iona, St Barnabas the Apostle, St Alban, St John the Baptist, St Peter, St Ethelreda (St Audrey), St Angela Merici, St Clothilde (wife of Clovis I).

June in the northern hemisphere sees the Sun at its zenith, the days are long, the suns rays ripen the cereal crops in readiness for the coming harvest. The nights are short, extra daylight allows people to work the land for extended periods. Pan, piper at the gates of dawn, plays his pipes providing a musical backdrop to summer, which we experience as the hum of nature.

June festivals are overtly solar, the solstice, Midsummers day, Litha. Local customs may occur now or on old Midsummers day (early July), for example the Bale fire which is an annual event in Whalton, Northumberland. St John’s Eve & St John’s Day.

This month we contemplate the vibrancy of life around us. What is coming to a head in your life? Is there any work to do before you will be able to reap your harvest?

Our meditation subjects are ‘Ripening’ & ‘Zenith’.