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Goddess OstaraWishing all our followers a very Happy Spring Equinox.
We are working on our website and will have it up soon, at which time the Course will be available. In the meantime we would like to share with you a pathworking that we have written for the Spring Equinox and which we will be working later today. Please feel free to join us, as we head into Springtime.
Blessed be SRTB

Equinox Pathworking

Find your own way into sacred space. (You may wish to cast a circle, light a candle, burn some appropriate incense). Close your eyes, relax and begin rhythmic breathing.

Finding yourself walking on a path, you come to a gate, take careful note of its appearance, colours, symbols etc. When you are ready, open it and pass through. You find yourself in a meadow, the air is fresh and the early morning sunlight is warm against your skin but there is still a freshness to it. What do you see here?……………….. In the distance there is a small wood, out of the corner of your eye you glimpse a flash of grey, you scan the meadow to see what it is & spot a large Hare, which is staring back at you. The Hare stands up on its hind legs and boxes the air, you move hesitantly toward it, making eye contact, you sense that it wishes you to follow. Making your way toward it once more, it darts off in the direction of the wood. Following behind, occasionally losing sight of it, but the glimpses you catch ensure you are on the right track.

You arrive at the wood to find the Hare waiting for you, at its feet is a handled wicker basket, the Hare communicates that you should take the basket and follow into the wood. A sense of impending change is all around you and you hesitate as to whether or not  to trust this guide. You may wish to ask a question to ascertain its trustworthiness. (You may at this point choose to come back across the meadow and return to your everyday awareness). Alternatively you accept the invitation to follow on into the wood. The Hare darts ahead and you catch sight of it flitting between trees, what do you see here as you journey? ……………. New growth is just beginning to erupt from the earth, notice any colours, sounds, smells, you may wish to touch what you see.
Eventually you come to the centre of the wood, where there is a tall standing stone, your Hare guide is reclining at the base, you step closer and notice the symbols of ‘Three Hares and a Full Moon’ carved into face of the stone. Pause and reflect on this for a moment………………… Your Hare guide moves off once more and you see an egg lying in its place at the base of the stone. You bend down and pick up the egg, you feel/sense a pulsing within it, this reverberates within you and seems to be present within the land itself. It is as if all is at a tipping point, as if you are on the cusp of something.
Look at the egg carefully as it lies in the palm of your hand, notice its texture, weight, what is it made from? Notice its colour, shape is it perfectly smooth/oval? Is it a traditional bird egg or a wonderful faberge creation?……………. This your egg. You place it in the basket and look round for your guide, who is traveling swiftly toward the edge of the wood. You hurry after it and begin to notice the birdsong that has struck up, there is a hum in the air and it seems to you that the growth is more evident than on your inward  journey. Reaching the edge of the wood you see the Hare guide is standing beside a figure, as you get nearer you notice the figure is a beautiful young woman, with long golden hair, a fresh complexion and an air of dawn about her, as if by her very presence spring is becoming manifest upon the land. She is Ostara, goddess of the dawn, & herald of Spring. She beckons you to come closer which you do, offering her your egg she takes it in her cupped hands. As she holds the egg you may wish to ask her a question or listen to any message that she has for you………………… As Ostara hands you back your egg it seems to have an added radiance, a lustre that was not there before, this fade as if sinking into the egg itself and you replace it in the basket. She beckons you to follow her indicating that it is time for you to return  to your own place. Smiling, she turns & begins to walk across the meadow.
As you follow, you notice that as she passes over the land, flowers spring up in her wake. The air is now filled with birdsong, it is noticeably warmer, the sun a little brighter & ewes with their lambs bleat in the distance. As you reach the gate, you turn to bid farewell to Ostara & the Hare guide, filled with an awareness that Springtime has arrived.

Taking the basket containing your egg with you, pass through the gate, closing it firmly behind you, and return to your everyday consciousness.