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Artist: Vladimir Kush

Sunrise by the Ocean. Artist: Vladimir Kush

At Equinox some of you may have journeyed with us to meet Ostara, we hope this proved to be a rewarding & stimulating experience.
You may be wondering what to do with the egg you brought back with you, if so we have a simple working that you may wish to perform along with us this Eastertide.

Over the past few weeks we have been meditating upon our eggs & what use we may put them to. With the theme of nourishment being the most prominent, we devised the following work, which incorporates both visualisation & meditation.

During the Easter period perform this visualisation/meditation exercise at a time which suits you.
Ground & Centre using your prefered method, relax & begin the exercise:

1. The purpose of the visualisation is to bring about the integration of the astro-mental egg into the ethero-physical densities, in order that your egg having received Ostara’s blessing, can be absorbed & so nourish your being.

Visualise your egg in detail, feel its weight, texture, colour, etc. Now see your egg before you resting on the floor, see it grow/expand until it is approximately the same size as yourself. Visualise yourself stepping into your egg (here take a physical step forward). Now pause for a moment and sense your egg all around you, begin to absorb the egg into your aura by visualising it diminish/contract until it is at its original size. Now see/sense your egg at the centre of your being. (This may be at your solar plexus, heart centre, or wherever it would be located as a result of any centring exercise you perform). Now take a moment to reflect on how it feels to have your egg at the centre of your being. Allow the egg to gradually fade, the nourishing properties are distributed throughout your being.

2. Meditation: The various forms of Nourishment – Physiological (food, liquid, breath). Sensorial (sight, sound, smell, taste, touch).
Cognitive (mental stimulation & learning). Emotional (interaction/support & feelings). Spiritual (faith, religion & magick etc). Aesthetic (beauty & inspiration). Social (family & friends). Moral, Cultural etc.

For the second part of this exercise meditate on sources/forms of nourishment. Where do you receive nourishment from in your life?
How do you receive & give nourishment?

An alternative to the above: You can devise any method you wish to integrate your egg, for example you could simply visualise peeling it and eating it. The energies will be distributed in the same way.

We at SRTB wish you all a Happy & Peaceful Easter.