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At Imbolc the Goddess Brigid or Bride, awakens the land from its winter slumber, heralding the first stirrings of Spring. We welcome the goddess as maiden, yet always there co-exists other elements of Brigid’s being. Namely the midwife, mother of the hearth, seer and warrior/protector of the tribe.

This year we focus upon ‘Brigid of the triple gifts’. The Goddess as Poet, Smith & Healer. Our work is to identify, develop, and apply these triune qualities to our lives, employing various magickal tools & techniques to undertake this transformative/psycho-spiritual work.
Initial seed thoughts that you may find interesting and which we will be exploring include:

Poet – The expression of thought, emotions/feelings & actions, in the form of prose, poem & song. Words/sound hold power. “In the beginning was the word”. Words affect us, they can lift us or cast us down. How mindful are we of the words we choose?

Smith – Transformation/trial by fire & water, strengthens & shapes. Malleable material versus brittle – too much too soon. How will our manifest ‘inner Smith’ utilise our magickal tools as hammer, tongs and anvil?

Healer – What ails us? How do we act as healer? Permission to heal. What do we destroy/transform in order for healing to take place?

More details of the identification/development process, i.e. tools/methods used, realisations & insights, and proposed areas of application; will appear in a subsequent post.
Those readers/followers interested in exploring the triune qualities of Poet, Smith, Healer residing within their own psyche, are welcome to join us in this magickal work and share observations & experiences at a later date.

Wishing you all an inspirational Imbolc/Candlemas

Blessed Be SRTB