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Hare MoonThe Hare, with it’s association to Moon and Goddess, has always been for us a totemic animal of great power and significance in our magickal work. At the Spring Equinox, the Hare beautifully symbolises fertility, transformation, conception, and new life.

We at SRTB are still engaged in a project we commenced at Imbolc, a transpersonal journey to the triune aspects of Brigid; the poet, smith and healer. We will be furnishing details of our meditations, pathworkings, and realisations in a subsequent post. For those who were inspired to come along with us in our work, or who explored the poet, smith & healer aspects in their own way, we would appreciate hearing about the methods of exploration & the insights obtained, and would be delighted if you should choose tell us about these in the comments section of our next post.

For now, like many in the pagan/magickal community, we are looking forward to what has been termed ‘Celestial Friday’, a trifecta of Solar Eclipse, Spring Equinox (Autumnal for our brothers and sisters in the southern hemisphere) and a ‘Supermoon’, on this occasion a new moon in Pisces.
Much esoteric symbolism is present here; The eclipse with the creeping obscuration of the sun, before the revelation and restoration of Sol Invictus. This event in itself is a microcosmic drama, paralleling the macrocosmic story of light and dark through the seasons, and which results in the conflict of the Equinox. At this time we see that moment of balance between the light and dark, before the scales tip in favour of the victorious light. The new moon is always a time of ‘beginnings’, will the strength of our magickal intentions be amplified by our experience of a Supermoon?

Working with our ‘Wheel of the Year’, we honour Ostara/Eostre, celebrate the conception of the God, and turn our thoughts to the rapid growth of life in the world around us.

Let us take this opportunity to wish our friends, followers and readers a happy and rewarding Spring Equinox, may you all enjoy the blessings of Ostara.