SRTB Course

The Sang Rouge Terre Blanc Mystery School will soon be offering an introductory programme of magickal study and practice. For more information about SRTB, our school and philosophy, please read our previous post:

The preliminary course is comprised of six lessons, providing a strong foundation in the Western Mystery Tradition (WMT) and giving basic training for the 21st century magician. The course is non-denominational and of value to the aspiring ritual magician and pagan alike.
The course lessons will be available on the SRTB website, which will be up and running later in the year. To give you a taster of the course there is an excerpt from lesson 1, available in PDF form, to be found at the bottom of this post.

The preliminary course will be free of charge and a degree of support & supervision provided (more details will be available on the website in due course).
The study material for the course is contained within the lessons, additional resources will be recommended/suggested as and when. Subjects covered by the course will include Meditation, Psychic Hygiene, Aetherics, Magickal Tools, Sacred Space, Divination, Dreamwork and Ritual.
We will not be asking you to purchase DVDs, audio downloads, apps, or insisting that you join us in an ashram in India for two weeks.

We acknowledge that whilst many of our blog readers/followers are experienced practitioners and that this course will be primarily aimed at novices, the content may still be of interest to anyone working in the WMT. Applications for the main course, will be considered from those who have successfully completed the preliminary lessons and also from those of other esoteric backgrounds.

Preliminary Lesson 1 Excerpt


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