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Lammas-tide is upon us, harvest begins both on the land and on a personal level, that which we have sown is now reaped. ‘The Greenwood’ harvest is yet to come, where fruit is plucked from branch and bough but the tree which bore the fruit remains still standing. In contrast ‘The Grain-field’ harvest lays bare the land; the crop now cut, what once was there is absent.

Before the ‘Mabon wake’, with it’s two fold aspect of celebration and mourning, even before the drying, grinding and processing of the crop……. There occurs a somewhat neglected aspect of Lammas to which we now turn our attention……. ‘the experience of absence’.

As we gaze across the stubble fields there is an effect upon our consciousness, we are moved by this space on the land, that which the earth held has been surrendered. Where once the corn king ruled majestically, now his throne sits empty. Beyond the cognitive-visual experience, the vibrational energies of the land itself are very different to when the field was full of ripening grain. The lingering vitality is yet to dissipate and sink beneath the earth.

Within the field of our psyche, an absence, a lacuna, is created whenever we realise a plan or achieve a goal. When potential is fulfilled a hiatus occurs, the target to which we have directed our energies no longer exists, we encounter a sense of ‘what now?’ This phenomena may be experienced when we have finished a good book, completed a video game, watched a gripping film, come to the end of a relationship or concluded a course of meditative/ritual work. Transpersonally this space or absence is a necessity, it allows our psyche to sort the grain from the chaff, to integrate the gifts & lessons from our harvest. Before plans are made and new seeds sown, a rest is essential, whether our personal harvest has been bountiful or sparse, successful or not.

How has your harvest begun?……… Where do you identify absence in your life?……… How do you create space in which to repose and reflect?………

Harvest Blessings to all

Blessed Be…….SRTB